Research into the future of nuclear technology

Nuclear Energy DTU brings together the academic environments across DTU's departments working with nuclear power technologies. The center is also a common entrance for potential partners.


The purpose of Nuclear Energy DTU is to:

  • Attract and support academic talent to strengthen research in nuclear energy technologies
  • Expand capacities for teaching and supervision of students, including PhD students
  • Create experimental facilities for e.g. characterization of materials and simulation of new reactor technologies
  • Strengthen collaboration with Danish and international companies

Nuclear power - evolving technology

Nuclear power using fission has been around for more than seven decades, and the technology has changed significantly over the years. Especially in recent years, nuclear power has once again become the subject of intense research and development, and completely new types of reactors are being developed.

DTU contributes to this research and to creating knowledge about the potentials and limitations of the technologies.

Contact Nuclear Energy DTU

Bent Lauritzen is head of the Centre for Nuclear Energy Technology. He has been researching nuclear physics for more than 30 years and is one of the few Danish researchers to have worked intensively with nuclear energy throughout his career.


Bent Lauritzen Senior Researcher, centerleader Department of Physics Phone: +45 46774906 Mobile: 2140 9131